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Parallel Lines
Parallel Lines

The heart of your AI strategy

LOCALCORE provides a secure and flexible foundation for all your AI-solutions. As a local platform on your own hardware, it maximizes data protection and operational efficiency, seamlessly supports your business goals, and keeps your data firmly in your hands.

Internal AI assistant

AI Assistant.webp

AI-solution using a local language model for a universal internal AI assistant to support various business areas such as marketing, sales and communications. This solution, which runs entirely on the LOCALCORE platform, uses advanced language processing algorithms to optimize daily communication and work processes.


  • Cross-departmental support: Providing a flexible tool that can be used in different departments such as marketing, sales and communications.

  • Automation of routine tasks: Free up employee capacity by automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

  • Faster decision making: Accelerate information gathering and decision-making processes through instant access to relevant data and analytics.


Areas of application:

  • Creating and managing content in marketing

  • Supporting sales processes through easy integration of customer data

  • Optimization of internal and external communication



  • Increasing efficiency: The use of AI accelerates processes, which leads to a significant increase in work productivity.

  • Data security and privacy: Since the system runs on-premise, there is no risk of data loss through external cloud storage or unauthorized access.

  • Scalability and flexibility: The assistant can be easily adapted to specific needs and requirements to provide optimal support.

AI-powered assistant for internal search

KI Suche.jpg

Powerful internal search engine combined with a right management. It searches all available company documents to provide employees with quick and secure access to the information they need and are allowed to receive.


  • Increased efficiency: Accelerating information gathering for employees.

  • Precise search results: Increase the relevance and accuracy of search results.

  • Ease of use: Simple and intuitive operation of the search function.

  • Relief for internal departments: Reduction of support effort through employees obtaining information independently.

  • Right management: Information access tailored to the responsibilities and roles of the employees.


Areas of application:

  • Document search in company archives

  • Access to internal databases and reports



  • Save time through fast and efficient search processes.

  • Improve internal communication and information flow.

  • Increase employee satisfaction through self-determined access to required information.

  • Reduce errors and improve data integrity through precise search algorithms.

AI-powered customer support agent

customer Support.jpg

AI-powered customer support agent within the LOCALCORE platform to optimize real-time customer service.



  • 24/7 customer service: Availability around the clock without interruption.

  • Reduction of waiting times: Fast responses to customer inquiries.

  • Relieve employee workload: free up human resources for more complex tasks.

  • Increase customer satisfaction: through quick and precise answers.


Areas of application:

  • Telephone customer service

  • Online support via chat

  • Email response systems



  • Cost-efficient scaling of support without additional personnel costs.

  • Consistent and error-free answers.

  • Improved analysis of customer inquiries through data collection and evaluation.

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