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AI data security redefined

An AI that is 100 % secure and runs directly on your premises


In a world where data breaches and security risks are commonplace, LOCALCORE offers an unparalleled solution for your data security. The AI-platform runs directly on your own hardware, which not only offers maximum protection against unauthorized access but also ensures complete legal security. Effortlessly comply with local and international data protection regulations without relying on the power of cloud services. With LOCALCORE, you retain complete control while harnessing the full power of artificial intelligence - your data remains secure, private, and compliant.



Data security – you have full control over the data.


Third-party independence - no dependence on external cloud providers.


Cost efficiency – predictable costs for rapidly increasing AI applications.


Legal certainty - internal data processing facilitates compliance with the legal framework.


Absolute data security

Your data stays on your own hardware and is safe from unauthorized access. No more worries about cloud security vulnerabilities.

High performance and reliability

The local AI solutions provide stable and fast response times and rival the best cloud-based solutions.

Full control and flexibility

Upgrade the model only when you need it and customize the features to suit your specific needs.

Easy integration and maintenance

Easy to integrate into your existing IT infrastructure and easy to maintain thanks to our user-friendly platform.

Legal certainty

Compliance with all relevant data protection regulations – ideal for companies that have to meet strict compliance requirements.

Scalability on demand

The on-premises AI-platform is designed to grow with your business. Scale capabilities as needed without relying on external resources.

Image by Ferenc Almasi

Individual Configuration

Discover the ultimate flexibility of LOCALCORE, a highly configurable AI platform that can be tailored to your specific business needs. Choose from the latest AI models (e.g. Mixtral, Llama, Whisper, Florence-2 and more) and integrate your company's knowledge from any sources. Scale performance to your size, with up to 1000 simultaneous requests. With customizable hardware and a flexible API for seamless data and tool integration, you have full control and adaptability. Invest in a future-proof AI platform that offers security, performance, and complete adaptability to your requirements.

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