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LocalCore with ChatGPT capability

A medium-sized company in the financial sector, subject to strict data protection policies and compliance requirements, is looking for a secure alternative to ChatGPT. Although the use of this service is officially prohibited for employees, it is widely used because it significantly simplifies work processes. The company needs to ensure that customer data and internal communications are protected and do not leak out.

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The solution

Implementing LocalCore with LocalChat, an on-premises solution, provides the full functionality of ChatGPT while processing data locally on the company's infrastructure. This solution guarantees that all data remains within the company's physical and digital boundaries.


Integration : LocalCore is integrated into the company's existing IT infrastructure and LocalChat is installed as a user interface or application for employees.

Data security: All data processed by LocalChat remains on local servers and is not transmitted to external parties.

Interaction: Employees can now perform all activities that they previously carried out via ChatGPT via LocalChat, with the company being assured of data security and legal compliance.


Maximum data security: By processing all data and communications on our own servers, we ensure the highest level of security and data protection.

Full control: The company retains full control over its IT infrastructure and the applications running on it.

Increased efficiency: By using LocalCore for additional AI applications, the costs of using external cloud services are eliminated.


With the introduction of LocalCore and LocalChat, the company can not only improve its data security and increase customer satisfaction, but also meet regulatory requirements more effectively.

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